Stream Habitat Diversity - Fish Diversity Linkages

Fish and habitat surveys in the Goose Creek watershed show fish diversity increases in response to diversity in flows, depths, cover, and substrate, and that streams in poorer condition (from roads, grazing, etc.) have low habitat diversity.

For more detail, consult the following publication:

Walrath, J.D., D.C. Dauwalter, D. Reinke. 2016. Influence of stream condition on habitat diversity and fish assemblages in an impaired upper Snake River Basin watershed. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 145:821-834. This study showed the linkage between habitat diversity and fish diversity in the Goose Creek subbasin on the Idaho, Utah, and Nevada border.

See also this entry on TU's blog: Habitat Diversity Leads to Better Stream Health and Fishing Opportunities

Site with high habitat diversity (left: Trapper Creek) and low diversity (right: Beaverdam Creek). (Click photos to enlarge)

Partial regression plots showing relationships between elements of habitat diversity (flow, depth, cover, and substrate) and fish diversity. (Click to enlarge)

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