Saco River

Tip of the week 

Bug activity is on the rise and flows are on the drop. Emerging redquill's and caddis will work when fish are dimpling. Slow strip streamers in deep water on full sink lines. When bugs arn't out Swing flies at the head and tailouts of large pools. Focus on transition zones ie. depth changes, as well as rocky structure in mid-depth, mid speed water.

Seven-day forecast 

Temps will be in the low to high 70's and even low 80's over the next seven days, showers on Tuesday will give way to ideal spring sunshine until the weekend when a slight chance of showers returns. No washout's in the near future means switching from streamers to bugs is on the agenda.

Must Have Flies 
Elk Wing Caddis olive/tan 16-14 Buy from
Red Quill Emerger red/grey 12-14 Buy from
Rusty Spinner rust 12-14 Buy from
Conehead Bunny Muddler olive 18-22 Buy from
Lynch's Double D Streamer black/ cinnamon 14-20 Buy from
Chain-Reaction Leech natural 20 Buy from
Nathan Hill

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